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Calculate superheat and subcool with no sweat

It’s cramped. Uncomfortable. And the heat is absolutely stifling. Stuck in a crawl space? No, it’s a brainstorm session at hilmor headquarters, and we’ve been at it for hours, working tirelessly to come up with a new tool idea. The one that would change the way technicians calculate superheat and subcool.

hilmor’s new Dual Readout Thermometer was first introduced by an engineer who had worked in the HVAC/R industry as a technician. It was quite simple actually. The concept was to provide techs with a durable, yet compact device that could save time and money. Oh, and measure two system temperatures at the same time. Once that idea was on the table, the tool really seemed to develop itself.


Throughout the development stage, the Dual Readout Thermometer was built on the following principles:

  • HVAC/R techs use a lot of different tools. And they certainly don’t have extra hands to carry unnecessary equipment up ladders and into awkward and uncomfortable spaces. So, the Dual Readout Thermometer was built to be attached to any manifold.
  • Some techs love using analog gauge sets and should not be penalized for it. A lot of HVAC/R techs weren’t ready to invest in a digital gauge, but they were hungry for a tool that simplified the calculation of superheat and subcool.
  • And finally, this tool needed to be durable enough to stand up to the rough and tough conditions techs face every day.

The Dual Readout Thermometer became the perfect solution. And after walking the red carpet at the AHR Expo in Dallas, our assumptions about techs really liking it, well, they were confirmed.