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Aluminum Manifold — That’s One Tough Tool

Bumped. Bruised. Beaten up and knocked around. HVAC/R techs take a lot of abuse on the job. Unfortunately, so do their high-dollar tools. That’s the insight that led us to develop a ruggedly durable Aluminum Manifold that could withstand the tough working conditions techs face on a regular basis.

Imagine this scenario. It’s been a long day, you’re tired and all you want to do is finish up. In your haste, you accidentally drop your manifold on the way back to the truck. Crash. Busted gauges. That unfortunate mistake just cost you hundreds of dollars. Not anymore. We’ve designed the hilmor Aluminum Manifold with gauges that have high-impact rubber boots to withstand a drop just like this.


But that’s not the only thing we’ve bulked up. The hilmor Aluminum Manifold is built to last with a forged-aluminum body. And it’s designed to be leak-resistant with stainless steel valve seats and SAE style O-rings. This helps to prevent leaks due to over-tightening of the knobs.

And speaking of the knobs, we’ve rubberized them to allow much easier turns. We all know how hard metal knobs can be on your hands. Since your hands are your livelihood, we’re helping you protect them.


Find yourself in a dark space? No problem. Big numbers on the gauges, high-contrasting colors and glow-in-the-dark faces can shine a little light on any situation. There’s even a built-in pressure reminder on the face of the gauge. This means techs don’t have to mark up their gauges while performing a leak-down.

Have we thought of everything? Well, there’s only one way to find out. Get your hands on the new Aluminum Manifold.