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Two clamps are better than none

Trying to measure temperature or calculate superheat without temperature clamps is like Jimmy Johnson trying to win a NASCAR race without any wheels. That’s why we give you two temperature clamps with both of our revolutionary electronic tools — the Dual Readout Thermometer and the Electronic Gauge with Vacuum Sensor. Both tools use the included K-style thermocouples to measure two temperatures at once. They are some of the only devices on the market that display those two temperatures at the same time.

As we were spending time in the field with techs developing our tools, we heard major grumblings from technicians with broken clamps. So we made sure to put as much thought into the design of our clamps as we did to the tools they plug into.

Our clamps are made with glass fiber-reinforced plastic, the same stuff used under the hood of your truck. The spring is robust, and the handle is reinforced to support it. We even thought about cord storage: Simply wrap around the handles, and plug the K-style plug into the socket-sized hole on the side of the handle. Protection and storage built in!


We’re so proud of our thermocouple clamps that we also sell them individually. Because you may have other devices with less than robust clamps, go ahead and retool with hilmor thermocouple clamps and conquer the day.