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To do, or donut

When it comes to retooling the HVAC/R industry, there is no try. It takes hours of field research, development and a never-give-up attitude to solve some of the toughest issues in the industry today. So when we uncovered a major problem facing HVAC/R techs, we knew we had “to do, or donut.”

We all understand the importance of coffee. But let’s not underestimate its sugary sidekick, the donut. For some techs, it’s the shot in the arm that gets them over the morning hump. Unfortunately, that’s not all it is. A glazed donut can stick to your fingers worse than your father’s Brylcreem. Cotton shirts and denim jeans are no match for its impenetrable sticky shell. And that’s why we decided to retool it.

The hilmor donut is designed to be half glazed and half non-glazed to give your fingers a glaze-free safe zone to hold the donut. After all, you don’t want to be flaring, swaging or shaking hands with sticky fingers. As for the flavor, don’t worry. It’s still a pretty darn tasty donut. At least that’s what the attendees at the AHR Expo thought. They were pleasantly surprised to find platters full when they arrived at the show. Not to mention, steaming hot pots of coffee.

Stay tuned for the next innovation from hilmor to hit the HVAC/R industry. In the mean time, ask your local pastry shop to fix you up with a retooled donut.

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