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hilmor does college hoops

It’s tourney time here at hilmor, and we’re more excited than an HVAC/R tech with three weeks paid vacation. That’s why we’ve taken a break from the manifolds, gauges and thermometers for a few seconds to make our picks this year.

So, grab a notebook and a pencil. Because as much research as we put into our work, you’d think we’d be pretty good at picking tournament winners. But unlike our tools, there are absolutely no guarantees in March.

Question: Who is your favorite team? And who do you predict to win the tourney?



– Syracuse, because it’s my alma mater. But I hope to see the Oregon Ducks play — their striking uniforms remind me of the great looking hilmor products

– I’d like to see a Big East team win it all, as the conference disintegrates — Georgetown, Syracuse or UCONN.


– UCONN because I was born and raised in Connecticut. The men’s and women’s basketball players were my heroes when I was growing up.

– I predict that Louisville will win it all because one of my friends is a diehard fan and I have been brainwashed into believing it!



– My favorite team is the Texas Longhorns because I went to school there. Unfortunately, they are terrible this year and will not even make the tourney.

– I think the best team in the country is the Indiana Hoosiers. They have senior leadership, play good defense, and can score the ball.


– The Florida Gators because I lived in Gainesville while going to high school. While living there I was surrounded by diehard fans who I spent most of my days with. Football was really the sport that everyone followed, I claim UF as my official unofficial alma matter.

– I’m going to go with Michigan because I know my boss, Sam, hates them.


– Either Maryland because I have a lot of respect for the program and Gary Williams the coach, or Davidson because it is right down the street from my house and I attend a lot of games and love what the small school has to offer.

– My pic for the title is Duke. With the return of Ryan Kelly they look unstoppable.


– North Carolina. When you live in NC, basketball is in your blood. I would rather be kicked in the shins than pull for the Dukies. Go Heels!

– I think Indiana will cut down the nets this year. They have the most balanced team and they have been tested in the toughest conference in college basketball this season.


– Ohio State because I am an Ohio native.

– And of course, Ohio State. You have to root for your team, right?

We’d love to hear your school affiliations and who you’re picking in the tournament. And we totally understand if you will be taking a few long lunches over the next couple weeks to sneak in some hoops.

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