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Green is good

Psychologists say the color green offers a sense of renewal and harmony. If you think about things that are green in our lives — green almost always means good. Think money, nature, St. Patrick’s Day, even Kermit. There are a lot of positive things that give green a good name, and hilmor is committed to adding to the list.

Most of the existing brands in the HVAC/R market have established their image around primary colors: red, yellow and blue. As seen through our unique and breakthrough products, hilmor is not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Our energetic green offers hilmor the opportunity to disrupt the industry norm and offer something new to HVAC/R techs  — making their workday easier.

So as hilmor steps into the HVAC/R industry with a refreshing look and you see those green walls springing up at your local distributor, here’s your green light to add some of those green and black tools to your bag. We have a feeling they’re going to look really nice.

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  • Emily Bavaro

    And make other techs green with envy!