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Get in. Get out. Get organized.

Organization will set you free. If you’ve ever been on a busy schedule with an unorganized HVAC/R truck, then you know how inefficient a messy truck can be. But with the right equipment and some planning, you can save time and headaches.

For a well-organized truck, compartmentalization is essential. This means keeping your sheet metal tools in one tool bag and your service tools in another. You can also keep your most frequently used tools and materials in an easily accessible place.

Labeling and marking are another trick to make sure you can find things quickly. Use a system that works for you. That may be labels, color codes or a system you create. Do what makes sense for you, and it will be much easier to stick with it. Efficient organization techniques are essential for effective time management.

Here at hilmor, we currently have five storage options to help with your organizations. These include a tool bag, backpack and manifold cover. Here are seven reasons why hilmor is your best bet for an organized (and happy) set of tools:

1. Designed for techs — Our HVAC/R Tote, Tool Center Bag and Backpack Tool Bag feature padded shoulder straps, water-resistant bottoms and are tested up to 50 pounds.

2. Green is good — The hilmor green interiors allow for greater visibility and easier identification for when your tools are stored away.

3. Pamper your favorites — The HVAC/R Tote is a popular go-to solution, providing spacious and secure storage for your all your most used tools.

4. Pockets on pockets — The Tool Center Bag has 24 pockets, three zippered pouches and a place to store a meter – truly an all-in-one.

5. We’ve got your back — Our Backpack Tool Bag is your up-the-ladder sidekick with padded shoulder straps and an air vent back to keep you comfortable.

6. We sweated the small stuff, so you don’t have to — The hilmor Zipper Pouch is ideal for storing smaller items on the jobsite and has a place to keep a pen or marker.

7. We covered up the goods — The hilmor Manifold Cover is one of the first of its kind in the industry, allowing hoses to remain attached to the manifold while keeping them securely stored away.

Whether you already have the most organized truck in town or your truck needs a lot of help, it’s always good to know that there’s something new to help you out. Comment with some of your favorite storage tips — we could all benefit from hearing them.

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  • jose

    I own the backpack is great to go up in attics and roof tops, with your main service tools.