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Compact Swage Tool — the name says it all

When you’re working in the dark, dingy and downright cramped, the last thing you need is a bulky, cumbersome tool. Especially when you’re trying to swage tubing. It’s an exact science, and there’s no room for error. Or much less anything else. That’s what we learned while observing HVAC/R techs in the field. And that’s why we set out to create a compact tool with precision accuracy.

To start, we looked at a few ways techs were currently swaging.

Swage Punch ­— A tool that requires you to swing a hammer at a punch located next to your family jewels is not a good tool.

Flare/Swage Combo Tool — Usually, you need a third arm to execute a quality swage with this type of tool. Chances are you don’t have one.

Lever-Style Swage Tool — It takes a lot of muscle to perform a swage and close the handles. Not to say you don’t have it, but let’s be honest, you’re not trying to body-build.

Like most ideas, it took a number of attempts to get this tool just right. Our first concept was to develop a ratcheting swage tool, but we quickly learned you had to squeeze the handle too many times for it to be efficient. It just wasn’t feasible for a hand tool.

So, we settled on a hydraulic system. We noticed that other manufacturers had hydraulic expanders, but they were too large, making them cumbersome to use. We designed the Compact Swage Tool with an overall emphasis on compactness and ease of use. We gave the product a pistol shape, similar to impact drills, and also oriented the pump handle in the 90-degree portion of the tool so it would remain compact.


Initially, in order to expand the head, we had to turn a screw valve clockwise to close the valve. Then, to release the tube, the tech had to turn the screw valve counter-clockwise. This prevented the tool from being one-handed. So, we went about to brainstorm another concept, and arrived at a much simpler solution — a spring-loaded release valve that only required the tech to push a button with their thumb.


When we brought the Compact Swage Tool to the AHR Expo in Dallas, it was a hit. People loved getting their hands on this revolutionary new product. After working on this tool for so long, it was really exciting to see techs respond with such enthusiasm. I hope you like it as much as we do.

  • Affordable Aire

    Can’t seem to find a distributor in my area that carries your products…

    • kurtkloeblen

      The tools should be rolling out distributors over the next couple weeks. You can use our distributor locator ( to keep track of which shops will be carrying hilmor. You can also purchase directly from our website if you can’t find a distributor close to you. Each product page at has a “Buy Online” button that allows you to purchase online. Let us know if that helps!