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Bend, don’t break — The all-new Compact Bender

When we chose to design a new Compact Bender, we took to the field to uncover what techs really needed. We ended up finding what they didn’t — a clunky, cumbersome tool that required more muscle than it was worth. And after all that effort, some benders would even ripple the tube. So, we set out to create a lighter, more compact bender that would require less pain and give techs a lot to gain.

color-coded mandrels on hilmor's Compact Bender

During our testing, we discovered that unnecessary parts and complexity seemed to always play a role in most bending tools. This led us to develop color-coded mandrels that could be taken on and off in a snap, as well as a universal crossbar with quick-twist, size-adjustable shoes. We also made the mandrels aluminum, not plastic, to prevent mandrel breakage and guarantee ripple-free bends.

Spring-loaded ratcheting lever on hilmor's Compact Bender.

As mentioned earlier, some benders made it extremely difficult to free the tube once the bend was complete. To solve the problem, we designed a quick-release button allowing techs to free the tube with ease and without damage. Combined with an innovative spring-loaded ratcheting lever, this would give techs the brains and brawn to perform one-handed bends.

The new Compact Bender truly has all the features you need and none of the ones you don’t. Go ahead, and tell all your buddies. Or instead, make a bet with them that you can bend metal with one hand. You’ll win every time.