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We came. We retooled. It’s time for you to conquer.

Once again, the AHR Expo has come and gone. And although the excitement surrounding the show has died down, we hope your excitement for the upcoming year is just beginning. This new line of tools will give you advantages on the job like never before.

So what’s next? Well, our tools will be rolling out to distributors over the next few weeks and months. And our RETOOL TEAM will be visiting distributors around the country to make sure you get the chance to try out the hilmor tools.

Finally, it’s time for you to put hilmor tools to work. It’s time for you to gain the advantages and convenience of swaging or bending a tube with one hand. It’s time for you to calculate superheat and subcool at the same time. And maybe, although accidentally, drop a manifold or gauge without ruining your day.


Here on the RETOOL + CONQUER blog, we’re going to be sharing plenty of information about how our tools came to be, who we are and even tips to help you on the job. Stop by often and you might even find something to give you a few laughs. After all, spending days in the cramped and uncomfortable can be pretty stressful. So we’re doing everything we can to help you lighten the load.

It’s time to get in, get out and get on to the next job. It’s time to retool and conquer.

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