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Five Gift Ideas for Your Valentine

Let’s face it guys – we know as HVAC/R pros, you are busy, busy people. Spending time in the mall looking for a Valentine’s gift is probably not at the top of the list for most of you. But that doesn’t mean your wife or girlfriend won’t expect something nice for Valentine’s Day. That’s why I am here to help.

As a female in the male-dominated HVAC/R world, I pride myself on being able to talk about how the hilmor Compact Swage Tool works or how a vacuum is pulled. I also get that many of you might be scratching your head on what to buy your significant other for Valentine’s Day. So let me provide six potential gifts that could “plus up” your significant other’s Valentine’s gift and make it stand out from the rest. Kind of like hilmor stands out from the rest, you could say.

1. Bait and switch – Pretend like you are giving the traditional box of chocolates, but this time, take one of the chocolates out and replace it with jewelry. It’s all about turning the traditional on its ear.

2. The stand-out flower – Most guys are going to get flowers for their significant other. If you do, try 11 pink or white flowers, with a red rose in the middle of the bouquet. Put a note with the flowers saying that she stands out above the rest.

3. Early bird – Instead of waiting until the night to give your gift, give your gift in the morning. That way, she has all day to fawn over it and probably even show it off to her co-workers. Can you say brownie points?

4. Bubbles – While champagne may already be a part of your plan, why not think of another kind of bubble – a bubble bath. Try a mini spa session by running her a warm bubble bath and playing some relaxing music. While she enjoys, take care of the kids or do a load of laundry.

5. Coupons – Think of things that would make your woman happy that aren’t actually items. Try making homemade coupons for doing the dishes, breakfast in bed, a nice dinner out or even just a night where you watch the kids. Believe me, these gifts are the ones that do keep on giving.

The best tip I can give you guys is to give a gift that shows you care. While it may be easy to pick up something quick from the store, something that showed you spent some time and thought will impress her far more than any mass-produced, store-bought gift.

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