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Mini-splits for major comfort

Mini-splits might not be a household name yet, but they’re quickly gaining traction in the HVAC/R industry. Already widely accepted in Europe, mini-splits are becoming increasingly more popular in the United States. The reason being they are much more energy efficient than the standard central air conditioning systems.

So, what’s kept American consumers away from fully adopting mini-splits? Appearance. Most indoor mini-splits have to be wall-mounted, and this has forced manufacturers to become more creative. However, some indoor units can now be hidden by artwork or pictures and fit into any décor. Since the mini-split is only spot cooling or heating, the outdoor unit is very compact and can be virtually hidden around the outside of a customer’s home.

Mini-splits are offered in air conditioners for cooling only, or heat pumps that can warm up a cool room while reversing the cycle in the summer season to offer cooling. And with a mini-split system, each room conveniently has its own thermostat.

Here are some features that make mini-splits attractive for consumers:

1. Efficiency ratings up to 22 SEER and 10.20 HSPF

2. Energy Star qualified — meet or exceed EPA guidelines for energy efficiency

3. Inverter technology — slowly ramps up system to full speed while delivering required air

4. Quiet operation — indoor and outdoor unit

5. Secure installation

6. Easy-to-use remote control

7. Ductless design

8. Dual-zone capability

While looking like a simple do-it-yourself installation, you should remind current and potential customers that it is highly recommended that an HVAC professional should perform the installation so that the warranty is not voided.

To install a mini-split system properly, hilmor’s new line of HVAC/R tools would be extremely helpful. A technician is likely going to need our Electronic Gauge with Vacuum Sensor, Compact Bender, Compact Swage Tool, Quick-Engage Flare and Swage, and Orbital Flare to retrofit the line set per existing conditions and charge the lines properly.

Ductless mini-splits are going to continue to gain popularity as more than just an alternative for spot heating and cooling. Individual room control is an attraction for modern homeowners. This has put more pressure on contractors and technicians to install systems properly for maximum comfort.

Let’s hear from you. I’d love to hear what your experiences with mini-splits have been. Are you a fan?