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The best HVAC/R tools you've never heard of (yet)

Tight spots. Dark corners. Daring feats of contortion. Sounds like the job description for a superhero – or just another call for an HVAC/R technician. And that’s exactly what we had in mind as we set out on our mission to create hilmor a new brand that would retool and conquer HVAC/R tools.

Any successful mission starts with intelligence. In this case, ours came from a dedicated team of marketing and engineering professionals, including a former HVAC/R technician, and the largest, most extensive research project in the tool industry.

We combined firsthand knowledge gleaned from frontline team members working with HVAC/R technicians and distributors plus key insights gathered by our sister company, LENOX, a respected leader in the tool industry. What we learned was that while HVAC/R tools had not changed much in 30 years, the work of the industry’s technicians had.

29652-4_BlogPostImage_QEFSWe then took those insights and brainstormed numerous ways to improve the tools. From hoses to swages, nothing was sacred. Then, to ensure our concepts would solve “real-world” problems, we took our ideas out of the lab and into the field for testing. From “what if” to actual prototypes, we sought input to ensure the tools would live up to our commitment to the industry. We learned a lot along the way. Both what would work – and what wouldn’t.

For example, we had an idea to make quick-disconnect hose ends, so techs wouldn’t waste time and energy twisting small ends with big hands. But after talking with techs, we realized that meant changing the industry standard access ports on all equipment out there. And that just wouldn’t fly. Instead, we moved the hose connections to the front of our manifold, making them easier to access. Problem solved.

However, when that same research showed that swaging sometimes meant swinging a hammer at your family jewels, we knew we had to step in with a safer, simpler way to swage. So, we created the Compact Swage Tool – a lightweight swaging tool that performs flawlessly in the tightest spaces and still gives techs the power to knock out a picture-perfect swage in one shot. While keeping everything above the belt, of course.29652-4_BlogPostImage_CS

But that’s just the start. Each new product features intelligent design for use in an actual HVAC/R environment. After all, if techs can handle it, their tools should be able to as well. Stay tuned for posts about more great hilmor product innovations and how you inspired them.

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