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hilmor takes over the AHR Expo experience

“You guys really thought of everything.”

This was the first of many comments we received Monday, the official launch day, at the AHR Expo in Dallas. And it came after a visitor got his first taste of hilmor with free coffee and a retooled donut – a donut only half glazed to keep your hands free of stickiness as you walk the show.

But that was just the beginning of what would become a day of firsts for many at the AHR Expo. Crowds clamored to get into the booth that many were talking about, to see what the newest tool manufacturer had to offer. And their reviews couldn’t have been more positive.

Some of the veteran HVAC/R techs that came by were a little skeptical of this new line of tools. After all, they’ve had plenty of frustration with other tools and don’t have time for gimmicks. But since hilmor is backed by thousands of hours of research with actual working techs, those visiting the booth had that skepticism wiped away after getting their hands on the tools – bending, swaging and flaring with big smiles.


Even distributors who came to the hilmor booth got plenty to sink their teeth into, experiencing one of our RETOOL TEAM trucks. The team will be making its way from coast to coast in six customized vehicles complete with product demonstrations and testing stations once the show ends.

We didn’t forget the journalists at AHR, either. We held our first press conference to show off our tools and head nods from the packed press conference room gave a sign of approval.

Although nearly everyone that strolled the halls of the AHR Expo on day one left with tired feet, they also left with excited energy impressed by the new player in the HVAC/R industry.

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