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Day 2 at AHR Expo: Show and Tell

Eager eyes gather around a green table filled with small segments of copper tubing. With about 10 effortless pumps, the hilmor Compact Swage Tool executes a picture-perfect swage. A release button is then pushed, the copper tube is released without a kink or crack, and the eager crowd smiles in appreciation.

This was one common sight at the hilmor booth on day 2 of the AHR Expo in Dallas. After the excitement of our kickoff event and day 1 launch, streams of people continued to flow into the booth to see what hilmor was all about. We love having conversations about hilmor and sharing the story of how we developed our new line of tools.

The beauty of our booth is that visitors were able to get their hands on the tools and see how they work and feel. Many of the hilmor team in the booth were seen showing off the seemless self-calibration of the new Electronic Gauge with Vacuum Sensor, or the simple ease of use of the Quick-Engage Flare and Swage. “Cool,” was a common expression we heard on day 2. But more important, from the HVAC/R techs in attendance, we heard how much they could help them on their jobsites each day.


And what’s even more exciting is that we get to bring a small version of our AHR Expo experience to distributors around the country. You can look forward to seeing green hilmor green walls, sleek new product displays and the RETOOL TEAM in their trucks.

We know not everyone can make it to Dallas, and that’s why we’re excited to bring the momentum of the AHR Expo to each city. If booth 2961 was any example, we’re going to have fun showing you what these hilmor tools can do.

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